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F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Beldemy?

Parents with children  from both the independent and state sector.

Adult learners looking to refresh a skill/subject area or learn a new language.

Businesses looking for quality training, courses, seminars, webinars or workshop at very competitive prices and with the flexibilty to arrange event either online or offline

If you have any further questions not answered in our FAQs, or are unsure about anything, please contact us in feedback email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What makes Beldemy unique?

Beldemy provide system to promote themselves through profiles for free. Beldemy is unique for tutors/ tutoring centre and parents in giving them greater choice and giving them more option for all expect  both academic and extracurricular.


What is the difference between Beldemy and going to a tutoring agency?

 Firstly, Beldemy is open  24 hrs a day, 7 days a week: you can always go online and request a tutor. Beldemy started as a tutoring agency for 18 years. For this reason Beldemy is a very fast way of finding and selecting a tutor for private classes or group classes. All event courses can be integrated to the Moodle E-learning.


How much does it cost to advertise with Beldemy?

Kindly refer to Transaction Fee Percentage Calculations


Can I put my contact info or phone number in my profile?

No. We prohibit displaying any form of contact info in the profiles


How do I set up a group tutoring class at my place?

You need to register as a tutors / tutoring centres to set a group tutoring class. Enter tutors / tutoring centres  profile to set as many classes you want


How much do you charge for transaction fee for personal home tutoring, personal online tutoring and personal extracurricular classes?

5% of booked classes. Transaction fee will be collected directly from customers/students upon registration. Kindly refer to Transaction Fee Percentage Calculations


 How much do Beldemy  charge for Tutor to set group tutoring class?

Free to set as many group tutoring class that able to accommodate a Tutors schedule. 50% of a month fee collected from parents upon registration. Balance and future payment, parents will pay to tutors or centres directly. Kindly refer to Transaction Fee Percentage Calculations page.


How do I make payment?

You can either make payment online via paypal, online transfer, credit card or bank transfer to

Sofast Marketing & services

Maybank 564098-505256

and send to us proof of transfer by whatsapp or email at +6012-3009059 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How will I hear from prospective tutees?

Once you have made your booking personal class, automatically will inform tutors/coaches/ event manager. Please note that educators who do not respond to tutees (neither accept or decline) will have their profiles suspended so other Tutors can benefit from the opportunities.


Do you employ Tutors or coaches/extracurricular?

No, all Tutors work as freelancers or self-employed basis.


Does Beldemy offer support?

For tutors or parents/tutees experiencing technical difficulties, contact us via contact form located in the About Us page.


How do I give feedback?

We much appreciate feedback and where appropriate usually act on it very swiftly - use our CONTACT US FORM to tell us what you think.


How do I register for a group tutoring class?

You can browse through available group tutoring class OR you can register first and we will find you a group that suitable for you.


All group tutoring managed by Beldemy?

No, only some group tutoring classes managed by Beldemy. Classes hosted by parents will be managed fully by Beldemy. Classes managed by Beldemy will be indicated in the location of the group class


Group Tutoring Classes hosted by tutor will be managed by tutor.

Details, schedule and monthly fee may differ depending on level, subjects and location. It will be stated in the class description.

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